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Sony to stream two World Cup matches in 4K at a London cinema

27 Jun

Sporting events are often used as a testbed for new broadcast technologies, and this year’s World Cup is no different. The BBC is already piloting 4K transmissions (albeit internally) from Brazil, but Sony has dreams of hitting the big screen. The…

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Orange is the New App is Netflix’s new app for Litchfield Correctional

10 Jun

Orange Is The New Black’s second season went live on Netflix Friday and the reviews have mostly been positive for the sophomore season of the acclaimed series. Now Netflix is spreading the love to iOS and Android devices thanks to the release of Orange Is The New App (yes, that is its real name).

The free app is mainly designed as a promotion for the TV show, so don’t expect a lot of features. It does allow users to send messages to friends with content from the TV series. There are a number of cards with images of the show that can be customized with your own special greeting from the characters that live and work at the fictional Litchfield Correctional Facility. It also allows people to insert their own photo in other message cards to give themselves that “Orange” look. There are also some cards that are ready to be sent out immediately without any customization options.

The cards can be sent to friends on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, WhatApp or even with the old fashioned SMS text message. Hopefully, this release is just the start of app content for the TV show; we can imagine lots of possibilities for new Orange Is the New Black apps. It certainly might help distract users from Netflix’s recent increase in streaming fees.

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