Washington Post Reporter On the How and Why of Latest NSA Revelations

14 Jul

Washington Post Reporter On the How and Why of Latest NSA Revelations

Last week, The Washington Post published the results of a huge investigation into NSA records leaked by Edward Snowden. Based on tons of data, the paper asserted that ninety percent of messages intercepted by the NSA came from U.S. citizens and non-targets. Today, Post reporter Barton Gellman gives us an inside look into exactly what they saw in those NSA records, why they reported what they did, and the decisions they had to make in covering the leak. It’s a fascinating read, both for what it reveals about the NSA and to give an appreciation of the ethical dilemmas in reporting these events. Check out the whole report here.

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AMC adds recliners to its theaters in hopes that you’ll ditch Netflix for a night

14 Jul

If you’ve given up on your local movie theater due to its lack of comfort and not the ever-increasing expense, AMC has a plan to lure you back. The second largest movie chain in the US is shelling out $600 million to rip out old seating and replace…

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Deal of the Day: Versio Mobile 3.4A Lighting Connector Car Charger w/ USB Port

14 Jul

For today only, grab the Versio Mobile 3.4A Lighting Connector Car Charger w/ USB Port and save 46 percent!

With this car charger you’re not only getting the quickest and most efficient 12W charge available, but are also protected from overcharging and overheating thanks to the advanced smart circuitry built inside. The coiled-style cable saves space and makes it easy to store.

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Microwaves of the future count calories so you don’t have to

14 Jul

If you’re into the whole quantified-self movement, or you just fancy watching what you eat, GE is working on new microwave tech that could make manual calorie counting obsolete. The company’s R&D department developed a prototype that directly…

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EU ruling allows Apple to trademark its store layouts

14 Jul

Love or hate them, it’s hard to argue that Apple’s retail stores aren’t highly distinctive. That’s what the EU’s highest court thought when it overruled a German verdict and said that Apple’s store design could be registered as a trademark in Europe….

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Deal of the Day: Amzer Hard Shell Case for iPhone 5/5S

14 Jul

For today only, buy the Amzer Hard Shell Case for iPhone 5/5S and save 65% off the list price!

This lightweight hard shell case features impact resistance in an extremely slim profile design, showcasing your iPhone 5’s form and style. There’s cutouts for all ports and controls for instant access, and the cutout around your camera lens is raised and reinforced to prevent scratching when placed flat on a tabletop.

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Microsoft not scrapping plans for retail Xbox Ones to act as development kits

14 Jul

Last year Microsoft announced plans to let every Xbox One become a software development kit at some point. Earlier today, Xbox Advanced Technology Group’s Martin Fuller reportedly told the audience at the Develop conference, spotted by Digital Spy,…

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